Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yaesu FT-950 Audio Set up

When I first set up this radio, I changed some of the Parametric Equalyzer settings and also the Tx bandwidth. I talked over the air to another Ham who has a Ft-950 and the end result seemed to work fine using My MD-100 Desk mike.
After I bought My Heil Proset plus I set it up over the air also but with another ham. This mike has two elements , an HC-4 and HC-5 which one is more for DX and another for casual talking. I've used it every contest since then and hear Myself thru the headphones with the "moni" set high enough to hear. I've never been exactly happy with what I'm hearing-- sounds a little "RFy" in My speech. Consequently, I don't have as much confidence using this setup and quite often revert to My desk mike for S & P operation. No way I can use a "run" frequency without handsfree though.
CQ WPX SSB is fast approaching and I decided to try and play with both the MD-100 and My nice Heil. I set up My Kenwood TS-850 into a dummy load and also did the same with My Yaesu FT-950 and turned power all the way down to 5 watts. I plugged headphones into the Kenwood and transmitted from the Yaesu- dummy load to dummy load.Word to the wise---always identify yourself- " N0UJJ testing,1,2,3 N0UJJ clear" as an example. Dummy loads are able to transmit sometimes lots farther than We want!!
According to several different internet sites, Heil included, its suggested to dump the lower frequencies. Change menu 64 from 1-30 ( 100-3000 Hz) to 2-28 ( 200-2800hz) to help raising the lower end. For Dx might want 4-26 or 400 -2600Hz! The next parameters are 91-99 dealing with the low,medium and high Parametric microphone equalizer settings.I set mine to the following: menu 91-200 menu 92--15 menu 93-5 for the low then menu 94-700 menu 95--6 menu 96-5 for the medium and menu 97-2400 menu 98-+8 menu 99-5.
Lets back up a minute- before I changed these settings I tried to listen to Myself with the old settings-not the default or new ones. I used both mikes and tried without eqalization and also with the processor and several different settings of mike gain. Then I changed to the new settings and again adusted mike gain and processor on/off and equalization in or off.
The old settings emphasized the lower end more and I think made My transmitted signal sound like it contain an element of RF to it. The new settings did not cause this effect. It was also nice to hear what processed and non-processed audio sounds like. Each have there place! The parametric equalizer is quite noticeable both in and out. The Heil mike sounds great either way-- the MD-100 sounds better with equalization but but I'm also not using it with high or low cut activated. Overall a real nice experiment I highly recommend.I know I don't want to be one of those over processed,over modulated lids!


  1. Tim, very interesting. Just got my 950 this summer and finding references like your blog very helpful in wading through all the menu selections. 73 de N4DTF

  2. Trent, glad my blog has been helpful. The FT-950 is a wonderful radio but a little daunting to setup initially.i've not had any "audio" complaints so I assume the settings I'm using are adequate.
    Thanks for reading my blog.Hope to have a QSO sometime.
    73- Tim

  3. Cant understand that you have a rig capable of almost 3000Hz and that you cut the bandwidth.. And that your EQ settings sound probably like a 1980 radio. You should have bought a Yaesu FT-450.. ;-)

  4. i also have ft950 but run a heil hm12 mic getting alot bad reports i set from heil website and yahoo group websites kc2wtg 73s

  5. I apologize for not replying to some comments.My blog has taken a back seat to other endeavours in My life.Some comments don't deserve a reply but I publish them anyway!
    George, I honestly don't know what is causing Your audio issues without lots more info. I have luckily had positive reports on My audio. Best advice from Me would be to try working with another operator on the air and try adjusting between the both of you.Good luck--thanks for reading My blog.